in unison of tangerine peel🍊

Slice of Life


The collection of personal likings and time consumed on many things combined. Not quite worth being peeped through, honestly. Well, it’s not coincidental why it was placed first upon here.

Those unamused writing can be found under the Recapturate category, here.

Drawings <> Prose/Poetry

Alongside Drawings, Photographs & Prose/Poetry

Come here to those looking for drawings, photographs, and (almost) prose and poetry-like writings. Everything is mixed up here, so bear to those eyes who stumbled upon it.

Those funny mixed-up drawings, photographs, and writing can be found under The Said Drawings category, here; and Prosa/e Poetry-Like category, here.

The Ultimate Mixed Up

Mixed Veggies with Persimmon Sauce

Have you ever wondered why the birds sing? If not, same, that’s why the miscellaneous thinking and (which then turned into) writing are placed at last. Come here never.

Many old, again unamused, writings can be found under Miscellaneous is Here category, here; and things to talked about under Long Ones, yet Unclassified category, here.